Helpline for sexual harassment victims in the dance music industry

In December 2017, DJ Mag partnered with the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) to launch a confidential helpline for sexual harassment victims in the dance music industry. Whilst it’s brilliant that a service like this exists, it’s deeply concerning that there were enough cases in order to warrant setting this up in the first place.

The free helpline is operated by Health Assured, a workplace health organisation, who have trained experts ready to listen and support anyone who calls in.

Speaking to DJ Mag, Mark Lawrence, CEO of the AFEM said, ‘to step forward as a victim of abuse or harassment takes immense courage, and we will support all who need help and guidance through this support service.’

‘This behaviour has become normalised over the years and needs to be called out at every opportunity. No form of sexual harassment or abuse is ever OK.’ DJ/producer Anja Schneider of Sous Music told DJ Mag.

DJ Mag editor, Carl Loben said, ‘we all need to work together to end this abuse forever.’

The number is 0800 030 5182

Further information can be found on the DJ Mag site.

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