Wireless Festival Lineup blanks

WMN Playlist: If Wireless Festival had an all female line up

Last month, Wireless Festival announced their summer line up. Despite being filled with talented artists from across the globe, the lack of female representation within the line up caused controversy.

What was even more disappointing is that the organisers declined to comment on the issue when questioned. To not recognise that you’re part of the problem only adds to it. Some people have called for boycotting, whilst others believe that a call for more females to be added to the line up is an overreaction.

However, it’s important to note that Wireless are not the only culprits. According to the FACTS SURVEY 2017, between 2016 to mid 2017, 77.2% of male acts were booked for festivals compared to 15.7% of female acts.

The only way to combat this problem is to apply pressure, ensure female artists, both established and new, are supported. Festival organisers need to give females artists equal opportunity to fill their festival slots.

I compiled a 10 track playlist showing a selection of my ideal female headliners for Wireless. There are so many more artists across different music scenes that I would’ve liked to have added, but we’d be here for a very long time…

Some of these artists have headlined before, one or two are headlining this year and others I would love to see perform. Comment below and tell me who you’d like to see headline Wireless in the future.

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