Encouraging a diverse and equal music industry with the UK Music Diversity Taskforce

The UK Music Diversity Taskforce, chaired by Keith Harris, is a group of representatives within the UK music industry that are encouraging an action led approach to improving diversity and equality.

Keith Harris OBE
Keith Harris OBE, UK Music Diversity Taskforce Chair

Set up in 2016, they run an annual workforce survey, which analyses diversity across music businesses in the UK. Its goal is to assess the current statistics and track progress to help encourage a more diverse and equal workforce and improve career opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

The results from the first survey were published last month and data was collected from just under 3000 staff from major and independent record labels, music publishers, managers, producers, royalty-collection societies and the live music industry.

Despite women making up over 45% of the UK music industry, there is still a long way to go to tackle gender inequality. The survey revealed that there is still an imbalance between women working in the industry compared to the overall population and between men and women in general, particularly in senior positions and management.

The survey also found that BAME people make up 15.6% of industry workers – a figure which, although higher than the UK population as a whole (12.8%), contrasts with the fact that two thirds of music industry workers are based in London, where the general BAME workforce is in fact 30.3%.

You can find the full set of results on the UK Music website.

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