Average gender pay gap in the music industry over 30%

This month saw all organisations with over 250 employees reveal their gender pay gap figures.

The gender pay gap is the average difference of hourly earnings between men and women. The average pay gap is worked out across all job levels so this may get skewed if one person is earning a great deal more than everyone else.

Over 10,000 companies reported their figures this April and the average pay gap across all industries is 9.7%. Just 8% of organisations had no gender pay gap. Whilst 14% paid women more in comparison to 78% paying men more.

In the music industry, major labels reported an average pay gap of over 30% across the three major labels (Universal Music UK, Sony Music UK, Warner Music UK). It’s also important to note that there are just two female Presidents of labels in the UK, Jo Charrington (Capitol) and Rebecca Allen (Decca) so the industry has a long way to go in order to balance things out.

One of the keys to this is arguably the current industry leaders helping to promote and work towards equality and provide mentorship to ensure this happens. All industries need people at a more senior level taking the lead to help more women to develop and progress.

You can search the pay gap for a specific company here:

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