WMN Playlist: Ten women from the Unsigned Music Awards 2018 Longlist

Anusha took a look at the Unsigned Music Awards 2018 Longlist and selected ten women in music that are making waves. In no particular order…


Her ability to mix fiction and reality is a testament to Zuzu’s musical craft.

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith isn’t going away anytime soon. Her songwriting skills and gorgeous vocal abilities have already left a mark on the UK music scene. Her album drops on 8 June.

Joy Crookes

From South London, Joy Crookes’ laid back, sophisticated voice may give you goosebumps. She’s been compared to Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. It’s only up from here.

Lisa Canny

Lisa Canny has proved she can work any venue and in any given situation – whether she plays her harp or banjo, performs solo or with her band, is live on RTE TV or headlining a show in London.


Nerija are talented jazz artists and I was lost in the trumpet topline.  Continuing the narrative of my past vlog Anusha’s Vlog #2: I’m not the singer.


FLOHIO means business. Period. She is someone who’s energy is unmatched and is willing to make a statement, especially with her song Watch Out. She’s one of the UK’s most watched artists right now.


At such a young age, Laoise’s melancholy sound is making a huge impact in the electro-pop scene. Her soft sounding vocals are juxtaposed with heavy basses.


Haula’s songs are personal and her voice has the tendency to draw you into a trance. Her song, Good To You, embodies beauty and vulnerability.

Laura Oakes

Representing the British Country scene, Laura Oakes knows how to pen a love song with a catchy pop hook and a beautiful arrangement of guitars.

Poppy Ajudha

Poppy Ajudha’s video for Spilling Into You explores the vulnerability of the family through performance which perfectly matches the context of the song.

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