Five minutes with Erin Bloomer: ‘My earliest memories are of singing, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do’

At just 16, unsigned singer-songwriter Erin Bloomer has already seen international airplay and over three quarters of a million Spotify streams of her debut single, Right Love, Wrong Time. Her career is set to blossom over the next year and we’re looking forward to hearing a lot more from her.

Your first single, Right Love, Wrong Time, received BBC radio airplay and over 750k streams on Spotify. That’s an impressive accomplishment for an unsigned artist – what’s the secret to your success?

I have no idea how it has done so well except that people seem to like it. I wrote Right Love, Wrong Time when I was 14, it was the first song that I wrote myself and I recorded it a year later. I also filmed a video to go with it and planned to launch it digitally and via socials on the same day.

I was really lucky that the BBC Introducing South team played it that very week, which coincidentally was the same day of my digital launch! There was a lot of good feedback and the BBC chose it as Track of the Day on one of their Drive Time shows. This was a great spring board for me and a few weeks later it won the Amazing Radio audition poll over the summer so it was added to the Amazing Radio playlist.

I did some radio plugging myself from a list I found online which helped gain some additional airplay in the UK, USA, Asia, Europe and Australia, even the Falkland Islands!… This led to a lot of requests for collaborations and other projects so lots of good things are going on.

What led you down the path of singing, playing guitar and composing your own music?

My earliest memories are of singing, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I had piano and guitar lessons at school and I was in the choir, so writing my own songs just felt like natural progression. It’s a good way to get my thoughts down and express how I’m feeling.

Where do you find inspiration when writing music?

My inspiration comes from either my own personal experiences or those of my friends – it’s always something that I can relate to or connect with.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

I just love singing and I like to create my own versions of songs and mix things up a bit. I get the same buzz from working in the studio too. It’s really exciting.

How would you like to see you career develop?

I would love to write an album. I’ve been asked to collaborate with other artists so I’d like to do that too. I know that I want to work with music and creating my own songs is my dream. I know I’m very young so whatever happens I hope that I will always be involved with music in some way.

Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your upcoming EP?

I’ve written several songs over the last year and I’ve been working with other writers which I’m really enjoying and I’m learning a lot. I had to take some time out for the last three months due to my GCSE exams but thankfully they are now finished, and I can’t wait to get back into the studio over the summer to write and record some more. I’m planning to release something new before the end of the year – I can’t wait to get started!

Photos by Laurence Pierce ( and Laura Bloomer of (

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