One in five festival attendees have experienced sexual harassment or assault

According to DJ Mag, the UK Press Association commissioned a YouGov survey which has shown that 22% of festival goers, and 30% of female festival attendees have experienced some form sexual harassment or assault.

The figures are significantly worse for women under 40. The report found that 43% of women under 40 have encountered unwanted sexual behaviour at festivals. Shockingly, 6% of those women were subjected to assault while unconscious, and 11% of women under 40 have been subjected to flashing.

Over a third of men and women assaulted didn’t report the incident to anyone at all. Only 7% of both men and women affected reported it to festival staff and only 2% filed a report with the police. (19% of men who have experienced sexual assault said they reported it to staff during or after the festival in comparison to just 1% of women).

In a report in The Guardian, Jen Calleja, a co-director of Good Night Out, an independent initiative helping the night-time economy tackle harassment, described the findings as ‘shocking but not surprising.’

She said: ‘We know that the vast amount of harassment and sexual assault is not reported and we know this comes down to stigma, fear of not being believed and a minimisation of what harassment is.’

Many events have now adopted zero-tolerance policies and have dedicated welfare teams and hotlines.

If you are unfortunate enough to encounter or witness sexual abuse or assault, report it to member of festival or event staff straight away. Stay safe and stick together this summer.

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