YouTube Music launches new ad-free music streaming service in the UK

On 18 June, Youtube launched its new premium ad-free music streaming service, YouTube Music, in the UK. This will put them on a par with other music streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Music videos are still available to watch, but the service also enables you to listen to the audio only whilst using other apps or when your screen is locked. If you don’t know the name of the track you want, you have the option of searching by lyrics or by simply describing it. (We wonder if this will force others in the field to up their game).

Access to YouTube Music has been rolled out gradually and the UK is one of 12 countries to gain access this week, after the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea last month.

According to Music Week, YouTube’s Global Head of Music Lyor Cohen flew in to the UK for the launch, alongside Director of Product Management, Music Products, T Jay Fowler.

YouTube Premium, a wider service which allows users to switch off ads across all content and gain access to some additional exclusive content, is also now available.

YouTube Music costs £9.99 per month and they are currently offering a three month free trial:

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