Five minutes with BAAST: ‘Baast is a badass goddess of warfare and we wanted to embody that’

We had a quick chat with duo BAAST, Beth Griffin (Grove) and Josh Petkovic’-Short (Diessa) from the South West. They have been producing and writing together for the past year, after meeting in Cheltenham.

How did BAAST begin?

We were working creatively together without really focusing on an end-goal for a while before we realised there was something special there and something that was properly exciting. We then started taking it more seriously, took the plunge and moved in together for six months, developed our first body of work and gave ourselves a name. Baast is a badass goddess of warfare and we felt we wanted to embody and spread that.

Who does what in the band?

We share all writing and production. During live shows, Diessa triggers samples, does vocals and plays the phattest synths in the history of the world, and Grove does the singing thing and plays keys/synth.

Tell us about your latest single Red Lion…

It’s the first tune we ever wrote together and it explores themes of intimacy, specifically queer intimacy, and the fear of letting someone in. It’s about vulnerability and how allowing somebody into walls that you’ve built up for so long can be intimidating, but letting those walls down will ultimately be fulfilling.

Where did the idea for your music video come from?

Working collaboratively is a really big part of what we do. We created the video with friends and artists to try to best visually represent the overarching themes of the song – it was an informal and very DIY process and we like it that way.

What are your inspirations outside of music?

Food, bevvies, queer culture and our dogs.

What’s next for BAAST?

We’re going on tour in the near future and have our next single ready to release after our EP launch (27 July). In the meantime, we’ve got writing and shows galore.

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