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Aleisha Lee: ‘Know what you want and believe you can obtain it no matter what other people think’

We had a chat with musician and songwriter Aleisha Lee. She recently released her single What I Want, has collaborated with artists including Troi Boy and Wizz Kid, and co-wrote Mobo award nominated Girls Like with Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson.

Tell me about your latest single What I Want. What’s the story behind the song?

What I Want is a track about motivation leading to action. It’s a anthem not just for the Summer, but for life. It’s a reminder to keep going and believing in yourself.

The lyrics talk about doing your own thing despite what other people think – is this something you live by in your own life?

It is. I’ve always been a free spirited person and done what I thought was best but I can also say there have been times in my life where I wasn’t doing this and I was suffering from FOPO (Fear of Other People’s Opinions). It’s important to know what you want and believe you can obtain it no matter what other people think or say.

In the promo video you have a news reader style character – what gave you the idea for this?

I’ve always enjoyed sketch shows like Little Britain and Bo Selecta and wanted to do something that could allow me to display a different character based on myself so it was only gonna be a matter of time before I did something like it. It was fun to do and something I will be doing more of.

You were co-writer on the Mobo award nominated Girls Like performed by Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson. How was that as an experience?

It was great to have the opportunity to be involved in co-writing the track and to see how much it made people happy. We did so many different versions during the process, but it all lead to the track that you guys hear now and goes to show how much work and effort is put in to making a good song.

You’ve also been working with other artists like Troy Boi, Tinashe and Wiz Kid. What have the stand out moments of your career been so far?

Performing at Wembley Arena for UK Funky Live was amazing. It was great to see so many young artists perform together for such a big event and movement.

How did you get into writing your own music?

I’ve always written my own music from a very young age and have had a passion for the process of how songs are made. It’s an amazing feeling to hear a demo of an idea and see how it develops and comes to life.

Have you faced any challenges as a female songwriter in the industry?

I have had to face challenges such as racism, sexism, comparisons, and also having to deal with pressures in the industry, but all of these experiences have definitely helped me to build thicker skin and realise that I can overcome anything that is thrown at me.

What are your plans for the next few months?

More music, more shows and a lot more of best life living.


1 comment on “Aleisha Lee: ‘Know what you want and believe you can obtain it no matter what other people think’

  1. Can’t wait to see what’s next from Aleisha!


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