Making it in the music industry: BBC Music Introducing 2018

In November, the Women’s Music News team headed over to Tobacco Dock for BBC Music Introducing. Three days of talks, panel discussions, live music and networking ensued and the space was full of budding young artists and people wanting to make it in the music industry. There were 15,000 attendees over the three days!

700 speakers from the music industry took part in 130 hours of talks, panels and masterclasses, and there was a 50/50 gender split – a great step towards equality. We popped into sessions including: Help Musicians UK: Doing It Differently, PRS Foundation: The Future of Music in association with Keychange, Spotify Artist Masterclass, Music Producers Guild: What Makes A Good Record, I’m With The Brand: How To Get Brand Partnerships, Music Week Women In Music: Meet The Roll of Honour, The Live Music Industry: How To Build A Successful Music Career Behind the Scenes, and Women in CTRL presents: Women Running The Music Industry.

Music Week Women In Music: Meet The Roll Of Honour panel

We also caught a fiery performance by Bang Bang Romeo and had a sit down with frontwoman Anastasia Walker.

On the Saturday, Emily Eavis of Glastonbury Festival told Zoe Ball: ‘The live industry is dominated by men, but we are seeing a transition of more women. We are doing our best to get more women on the bill. There aren’t enough females to headline the pyramid stage, it’s a smaller pool… [but] the pool is going to get bigger and in five years time there will be an increased pool of females.’

Help Musicians UK: Doing It Differently panel

Here’s our top takeaways for making in the music industry:

  1. ‘Being self managed is better than having a bad manager… learn your business’ – Grace Savage
  2. Use the resources available to you – look for relevant funding opportunities. There are now loads of funds with a heavy focus on equality and diversity in the music industry
  3. Understand your audience and who you’re trying to reach
  4. Work with people and brands with shared messages and values
  5. Networking never stops – build a rapport and make meaningful connections
  6. Don’t limit your skills or capabilities – get different perspectives from people you trust and respect
  7. ‘It’s really important to look after yourself… learn to say no’ – Grace Savage talking about mental health for artists
  8. Make sure the next generation don’t face the same issues – call problems out when you see them
  9. ‘We need to work together and take collective action to change the music industry’ – Vanessa Reed, PRS Foundation
  10. Work together with your peers and support other women
  11. Do it your own way, do what you think is best. It’s not about the gear anymore – make music with what you have – you can create great music on pretty much anything. Catch a moment – MPG panel on what makes a good record
  12. Find a mentor
  13. Be persistent, keep going, network, don’t give up. ‘Stand for something or fall for anything’ – Women in CTRL panel
Pre Women In CTRL: Women Running The Music Industry panel

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