Five minutes with LEDA: ‘I like to gather as much music as I can – I think of it like a blender in my mind’

We took five minutes out to chat to Scottish pop artist LEDA.

Hi LEDA, you recently released your EP Wildfire. Tell us about the project!

Wildfire was my first real project  – it was the first time I’d made music professionally. I’d accumulated these songs for so long, I was excited to finally get into the studio. I wanted to focus mainly on love and relationships, as I’d been through I rough time romantically the past couple years and made Wildfire to reflect on that.

I learnt a lot and I worked with Scottish synth-pop producer ALEX, he was an absolute angel, he produced four out of five songs and was incredible to work with. The songs are really personal, but masked with a great beat. That’s my favourite type of music – the kind you can move to then realise that the words go deeper than you maybe expect.

leda studio

Which artists inspire you and why?

I wish this was an easy question! I’m inspired by such a vast variety of artists. Some of my favourites are: Halsey, Marianas Trench, Marina Diamandis, Demi Lovato, Metric, Amy Winehouse – quite a lot of pop to be honest, but I listen to anything from Zeppelin to Cake, sometimes The Runaways. I like to gather as much music as I can – I think of it like a blender in my mind.

Halsey’s production is always incredible. I’ve watched her voice and image grow and change over the last few years. I think I relate a lot to that, she never remains the same. Demi Lovato was the first artist I really fell in love with. She has consistently released incredible music, she’s been through so many issues and struggles and continues to come out on top. I really respect that.

You began on Instagram and built your following that way – how has social media impacted your career?

Social media is the entire reason I can even claim to have a career. I’ve always been afraid of things like performing live and trying to gain a following the old fashioned way. Instagram and Facebook has allowed me to find people from everywhere and anywhere, and connect with them in the way only music can!

LEDA WIN_20181014_16_50_04_Pro

When writing a new track – what’s your process?

The real answer is ‘I have no idea!’ I’ve recently started producing my own tracks, which is an interesting and frustrating experience. Usually it starts with an idea, like what I want to write about, then I mull over it for a couple days. I’ll try out chords and phrases, then I pray that it all comes together.

What’s next for LEDA?

If all goes to plan, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me very soon.


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