WNN Playlist: Women's Music News Loves March

WMN Playlist: Women’s Music News celebrates first birthday

In celebration of Women’s Music News’ first birthday, this month we’ve created a WMN Loves playlist showcasing a selection of talented women in music.

Since launching last year, we’ve been lucky enough to interview artists including Romina Johnson, Emma McGrath, Roxanne De Bastion, Anastasia Walker (Bang Bang Romeo), Elle Exxe, Chloe Foy, Amaroun, Grace Savage, Bryde, Chagall and Toya Delazy.

WMN aims to showcase women across all roles of the industry and features have included interviews with Lethal Bizzle’s manager Nadia Khan, End of The Road festival MD, Lauren Down and Independent Venue Week’s Director of the UK, Chloe Ward. We’ve also covered issues such as sexual abuse in the music industry and have featured guest articles, including one by Me For Queen about her experience of touring whilst pregnant.

Roxanne De Bastion, singer-songwriter, FM2U founder, FAC (Featured Artists Coalition) Board Director said: ‘Women’s Music News shines the light on the sea of talent and extraordinary work created by brilliant humans.. who all happen to be women. The team are dedicated, supportive and have created a lovely digital space.’

Singer-songwriter MIRI, one of our interviewees, added: ‘Shout out to WMN for giving an online platform to women in music.’

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