Five Minutes with Amelia Carey: ‘Being yourself is the most true form of expression’

I took five minutes out to have a quick chat with 19-year-old Amelia Carey about her single Over You. Amelia avoids the use of pronouns in the song so that everyone is able to relate.

Hi Amelia! What’s the story behind Over You?

Hey! It was my first official single which was very daunting and scary but a really exciting experience. I thought the song was really unique because of the lack of pronouns used, which is important to me as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone can relate to this song.

You’ve been working with production duo AZTX – how’s that been as an experience?

The guys are complete wizards, and basically like brothers to me. Its been really interesting and I have learnt a lot about producing music and recording.

When did you first realise you wanted to create your own music?

I’ve wanted to do it ever since I was a kid really. Music is a massive part of my life!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as a musician?

Be true to yourself and stick to what you believe in. Being yourself is the most true form of expression.

What’s in your headphones this week?

Some absolute bangers have been released by Lauren Jauregui, More Than That, and I’m loving Lana Del Rey’s recent release too.

What have you got planned for 2019?

Hopefully a second single will be on the way to you all. Get excited!

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