Five music news stories from around the web (22/2/19)

Five music news stories from around the web (22/2/19)

1. American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams accused of sexual abuse

At the end of last week, Ryan Adams was accused of sexual abuse by an underage fan and some well-known women in the music industry. He has denied the accusations. Read the story on Pitchfork. They also connect the recent allegations to why women are underrepresented in the music industry.

Fast Company published an article about how just two days after Ryan Adams had been accused, he began to see repercussions, including his upcoming album (due to be released this April) being cancelled.

2. Why British music needs female creativity

Laura Snapes talks about why we need female creativity in order to make sure British music stays relevant, after her words were read out on stage at the Brits by The 1975.

‘Male misogynist acts are examined for nuance and defended as traits of difficult artists while women and those who call them out are treated as hysterics who don’t understand art.’

3. Music needs to see more female producers

Culture Trip published an interesting piece about why the world needs to see more women producers. They mention that in 59 years of the Grammys just six women have been nominated for ‘Producer of the Year’.

4. Resident Advisor launch feature series about women in electronic music

Earlier this year, Resident Advisor launched a new feature series about women in electronic music. In the first feature they chat to producer Maayan Nidam and she tells them about how she reinvented her sound. For their second feature, they spoke to Avalon Emerson about the art of DJing.

5. BAFTA winning sound editor Nina Hartstone nominated for OSCAR for Bohemian Rhapsody

The BBC reported that Nina Hartsone has been nominated for an OSCAR alongside John Warhurst for Bohemian Rhapsody.

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