Five music news stories from around the web (8/3/19)

Five music news stories from around the web (8/3/19)

1. How women are changing the face of engineering and producing

NPR explores the topic of the lack of women producers and engineers and the organisations that are doing something about it.

2. Female music execs are being heard but there’s still more work to do to tackle years of inequality

MIDEM shines a light on some top women in the music industry and explains why there is still more work to do.

3. Rebalance finalists announced

Festival Republic and PRS Foundation have announced the finalists for the Rebalance programme which proves five days recording time to a female artist or female-led band and a slot at Festival Republic or Live Nation Festival. Read more on

4. Andreea Magdalina on why she started Shesaid.So and why they love men

Andreea explains why initiatives like Shesaid.So are so valuable to the music industry.

5. Grammy Awards launch inclusion initiative

In response to the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study, that found that 2% of producers and 3% of engineers/mixers in popular music are women, the Grammys have recently launched an inclusion initiative supporting women producers and engineers.

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