Five music news stories from around the web (19/4/19)

1. Live Nation Urban announce all-female series Femme It Forward

Live Nation Urban has announced an all-female event series, Femme It Forward, including Cardi B, Jorja Smith and Brandy along with discussions with top-level female music execs. Read more on Billboard.

2. Kobalt and PPL on the gender pay gap

As part of Music Week’s coverage on the gender pay gap in the industry, they have interviewed Kobalt’s COO, Avid Larizadeh Duggan, and PPL’s CEO, Peter Leathem, and director of people and organisational development, Kate Reilly. PPL are one of the few companies to have a gender pay gap in favour of women.

3. Aretha Franklin first woman to win ‘special citation’ Pulizer Prize

CMU reported that Aretha Franklin was included in the ‘special citation’ category for Pulizer Prize. She was the first woman to recieve the award.

4. Article 13 is given final approval by EU Council

The EU Council has given final approval to article 13 (now article 17), officially known as the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. The controversial copyright law “aims to make the likes of YouTube and Facebook liable for copyright-infringing user uploaded material” said Music Business Worldwide.

5. Study finds rise in digital music consumption has led to an increase in carbon emissions

IQ Magazine reported that new a study has found that the rise in the use of streaming platforms has led to an increase in carbon emissions which is more harmful to the environment than before digitisation despite the use of plastics being reduced.



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