Five music news stories from around the web (10/5/19)

Five music news stories from around the web (10/5/19)

1. CEO of UK’s Entertainment Retailers Association argues digital music services should be more highly valued

Kim Bayley – CEO of the UK’s Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), who represent digital music retailers, such as Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, HMV and Google – has said that digital music services deserve to be valued more highly, arguing that they rescued a struggling record industry.

2. AIM launches new regional champions initiative

CMU reported that the Association of Independent Music (AIM) has launched a regional champions initiative to ensure its support is available to independent music businesses across the whole of the UK. Starting with three regional hubs with an “ambassador” and a “champion” in north of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

3. Music Week Awards 2019 winner announced

The full list of Music Week Awards 2019 winners was announced on 8 May at their awards ceremony at Battersea Evolution.

4. UK musicians comment on brexit

The Incorporated Society of Musicians has released a new report on how brexit will impact the UK music industry. Read more on Hypebot.

5. Sammy Andrews calls for a rethink on revenue splits

In Deviate Digital CEO Sammy Andrews’ new column in Music Week, Sammy Andrews looks at where song revenue goes and asks for the industry to make it more relevant.

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