Global research finds just two out of 10 street musicians are women

Global research finds just two out of 10 street musicians are women

By Daniel Bacchieri

According to numbers collected from two global projects focused on street music (StreetMusicMap & The Busking Project), only 13.6% of the street musicians are women.

The assembling data has been shared by journalist Daniel Bacchieri, founder of StreetMusicMap, a five year world coverage on street music. Just 10.4% of the street musicians in the world geolocated by StreetMusicMap are female artists (featured on 150 videos out of 1,430 short films of buskers in 98 countries). The numbers are not so far up when it comes to The Busking Project platform: no more than 16.8% are women (767 female artists out of 4560 musicians).

‘I wonder why that is,’ says Nick Broad, founder of The Busking Project, a program created in 2010 to ‘grow the busking economy and celebrate street performers worldwide’.

‘On some of our most popular artists on the site are female  –  Charlotte Campbell, Jaime Kopie (from Coyote & Crow), Katie Ferrara, Natalie Gelman are four of our most-liked musicians,’ he informs. ‘I’m afraid I’d only be guessing at why this is the case. Perhaps something to do with perceived danger. Or maybe a cultural thing. I know a lot of women who’ve been messed with in the street, so perhaps abuse leads to them spending less time performing,’ Nick states.

Cori Rose, a singer/songwriter who recently started to perform on the NYC Subway System, especially at the Union Square Station, says: ‘It is very difficult at times, being a street musician while also being a girl. You come across many different types of people, most of which are wonderful… but others can be a bit discouraging, and even make assumptions about you. I’m not going to get into any of the gender-specific comments I have received over time, but I can see how maybe the vulnerability from putting yourself out there as both an artist, and a female, could steer some away from it… I believe that if we are all more respectful and encouraging of one another, these ladies are more likely to bless us with their art.’

Read the full article on Daniel’s Medium:

Daniel Bacchieri is a journalist, music curator, film director and multimedia producer. Master of Arts candidate at Monash University (Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music), Melbourne, Australia. Founder and curator of StreetMusicMap, a global coverage on street music. Two-Time Webby Award Nominee, 2018 MIT Open Doc Lab/Comparative Media Studies lecturer, Fellow Alumnus at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism (CUNY – The City University of New York), 2017 The W³ Awards Silver Winner (StreetMusicMap Instagram).

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Feature image: Cori Rose at the Union Square Station, Manhattan, NYC. Photo: Daniel Bacchieri

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