Anusha Stribbling

Anusha Stibbling

Contributor (Video & Playlists)

Born in Berkshire, Anusha began to study music classically at the age of 13. After achieving her Grade 7 in singing, she decided to develop her own creative sound. She performed at The Henley Festival 2016 which featured Elton John and has had her music played on Soho Radio.

Anusha moved to London when she was 18, and began performing her own music at gigs across the Tottenham area; performing at local community festivals. Anusha has also been co-writing with several artists across the North London area.

Currently in her second year studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music, Anusha is also writing music for her first EP, hopefully to be released later in 2018.

What was your motivation to join WMN and support females in the music industry?

When I started to navigate the music industry as a new female artist of colour, I began to recognise the lack of information available to others like myself. I hope that WMN will be the catalyst for those who are looking to pursue a music career to do so more confidently.