Hazel Gibbens


Contributor – Scotland (Words)

Hazel G is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2015, she founded a print lifestyle magazine, Bedboat, to share her love of the creatives and art around her. After designing, editing and releasing four issues to an international audience, Hazel G turned her focus to her personal life and relocated from England to Scotland. She now works in marketing and communications and is a freelance writer. Hazel G has a keen interest in working with values-led businesses across a variety of sectors.

What was your motivation to join WMN and support females in the music industry?

I have seen women across many industries under-supported and underrepresented, and I’m passionate about being part of any movement that works to lift women up and offer them a platform to communicate their talents and be themselves. It seems that conversations and discussions that are inclusive of and even exclusive for women have been few and far between, particularly in the music industry. I’m glad to start filling that space by sharing stories and experiences from truly inspiring women.